Albert Road Landmark Sculpture





Thanks to local artist VANESSA CUTLER and co designer CATE WATKINSON glass artist who have helped us bring about the LANDMARK PUBLIC ART SCULPTURE for the entrance to Albert Road.



The Work


The works shown here are a synthesis of several ideas coming together after much thought, consultation/public workshops and development. The main theme is derived from the wind and springs which lie beneath Albert Road. The idea is to capture the varied human interactions with these elements by creating different shapes and forms others are the shape of sails in the wind either unfurled or in the process of unfurling.


The shapes created and the use of multiple forms, each overlapping or appearing to be interlocking are also reminiscent of the human spine. As referred to previously, it was felt important to make reference to the human interactions and the influence of the people who have created this area and have lived and worked in Albert Road for many years. The road is and has been an important main stay/back bone of the community and this is reflected in the structure of the piece.


One of the reasons for choosing these interlocking forms is that they create a very dynamic shape. When placed on the traffic island entrance looking into Albert Road, these forms will direct and also hold the eye of the viewer to look at the piece and then draw the eye down the road to the theatre and beyond.

Looking in the opposite direction away from Albert Road the piece rises from near ground level up to a point approximately 3m high heralding the entrance to Albert Road and acting as a beacon to passing motorists and pedestrians alike.


From ARTA -Thanks are extended to –

The Arts Council of England, Portsmouth City Council and Local Councillors, STC, Albert Road Traders, the local Community, Vanessa Cutler and Cate Watkinson Artists, Craneswater school, Colas, Waitrose, Portsmouth City Council Highways, James and Martin Richie Architect and fabrication and the Kings Theatre for the help and support given to realize this project over the last 8 years.



Progress on the Landmark Sculpture

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